the $5 and under lunch series #1: Hitoshi, Ringwood

kitty c —  March 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

We are without kitchen at the moment.  Renovating.  Carney is the hard yards and I am the occasionally consulted/person who forgot to re-plug in the fridge.  Hee, hee.  I should say Adorable person who forgot to re-plug in the fridge!

Now, much as I’d like to spend a small fortune on lunches in the interests of saving and having money for more important things I present you:

Kitty’s Guide to Lunches you can buy for under $5

Nod to Cousin Keegan who believes the Cheap Eats Guide is a misnomer: ‘It should be “This is literally the cheapest food near to you you can purchase, the absolute cheapest” not “This is tasty and moderately priced”. 

Natch, I’ll be starting in the Mitcham/Nunwading area, but who knows?  Perhaps it will spread further as the idea takes off.  Indeed, in this inaugural post, I ventured to semi-nearby Ringwood for sushi so already this shit is spreading.  Curb your enthusiasm.

Back to Hitoshi.  Looki Looki:


Cooked tuna ($2.50).  So much filling!  So little rice!


Chicken teriyarki ($2.40) – look at all that chicken overhang!!

Delicious.  And if you ask them to cut it into pieces it’s like you’re in a fancy restaurant.  Ask them to sing Italian to you and it will be like you’re in Venice!  Ask them to call you Beyonce!  They are very accommodating!

What did I blow additional money on? 

As reward for only spending $4.90 I purchased a $2.00 can of Diet Dr Pepper*.  I know, I know, aspartamene and caffeine; I’m gonna die.  Sad face.

So, yeah, technically $6.90 lunch.
Hitoshi Sushi on Urbanspoon

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