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kitty c —  September 21, 2012 — Leave a comment

I’m the sort of person that reads the airline check in times – ‘you’ll need to check in 30 minutes before departure’ – as cutting things Very Fine Indeed.  I like to factor in time for elaborate delaying scenarios – accidents in tunnels, burst water mains, a sudden shortage of cab drivers, etc.  This is preferable to hyperventalilating in the car and having strained conversations about it being ‘Fine.  It will be Fine’.

So as far as I can tell Bar Pulpa by Movida at Melbourne airport is made for people like me; it’s the perfect place to whittle away an hour or two before boarding.  That, and if you’re on cheap flights you gotta eat, dude.   You’ll starve on the plane.  Everything costs a fortune and tastes shit on the plane.

Bar Pulpa by Movida is no Movida in Flinders Lane – probably my favourite restaurant in Melbourne – but it has some good points.  These are them:

1.  I find being able to order a lone cutlet fairly irresistible.  This one was wrapped in pork, making it even more appealing:

2.  Carney’s pick.  Reinforces the theory that if you breadcrumb something – in this case quail – and then deep fry, it will taste nice.  I ordered before I realised I don’t really like quail and it was still that: nice.  [Being stuffed with cheese also helps]

3.  I make a point of ordering scollops when I see them.  The point is ‘I’d like a scollop, pronto’.  I don’t really have any scollop-based political messages or anything.

On the whole, good but a little fatty, which is entirely in keeping with my experience of tapas in Spain (Chips [crisps] as tapas?  Where’s the authenticity, Spanish people?).
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