happiness in the form of a tasting plate

kitty c —  July 17, 2012 — 1 Comment

There’s actually nothing that screams ‘EAT ME, YOU ANIMAL!’ like the words: ‘DESSERT TASTING PLATE – SELECTION OF ALL DESSERTS’.  Especially when you’re ‘sharing’ and the other party bows out half way claiming ‘FULLNESS’ and you get to lick the plate…  High five, self!

Where, you say?  What is the location of this crime of deliciousness?  Anada on Gertrude St in Collingwood.  Wish I took a camera so I could visually depict the highlights.  Glad I didn’t because food bloggers are the lamest.  Solution:  I’ve used some clip art to create ‘imagination’ icons.  Pretty lazy, eh?

Dessert plate: A selection of mini things that initially you’re glad are small and then wish were bigger.

Two things I would have liked to have known before I went and will remember when I return (which I will):

  1. Order the pork belly because it is the BEST PORK BELLY EVER.  EVER.  Not to exaggerate but if they lined up all the pork belly dishes from every menu across the country – nay the world - this one would come out number one, followed by others.  That’s not even exaggerating, that is the literal truth.

Pork belly. Rich and complex flavours. Very good indeed.

2. Avoid the bread basket.  I know, that fresh hot stuff tastes pretty phenom dipped in oil and sprinkled in salt but it’s filler y’all.  Unless you’re footing the bill you want to max out on tiny flavoursome morsels, not baked goods.  (SIDE NOTE: If you are footing the bill, slip the ‘Mixologist’ a fiddy to keep that shit coming, tapas ain’t cheap my friend).

Bread basket: evil temptress.

Another cool thing is Anada do is tapas by the item.  Which is great because it means you (i.e. me) don’t have to appear all adventurous and agree to eat liver and lambs brains and stuff.  Personally, I’m more of a moth-to-a-fried-eggplant-flame.

Fried eggplant: Keep it coming, lady.

Also amazeballs is the fish racione, dish of the night IMO.  So yeah, pretty awesome, you should go.
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