when my big fat appetite met their (reasonably) large meat plate: united arab eatery

kitty c —  July 3, 2012 — Leave a comment

Much about United Arab Eatery (UAE) on Northcote’s High St is small: the space is small, the tables are small, the menu is small…  When I bowled up last Friday night it looked like it was just me and my enormous appetite bucking the diminutive trend.  Until my carefully assembled meat plate emerged from behind the bain-marie* and then boy were me and my appetite (my appetite and I?) pleasantly surprised!

Here’s a list of what I inhaled:

  1. Cold items:  deep fried mashed chickpea cubes, okra, bean/tomato/parsley salad, radish/lettuce/cabbage salad, israeli couscous thing, dips (eggplant, hommus), quinoa tabouli, two picked pink bits and a smattering of olives;
  2. Warm items: Buttery, buttery couscous, warm flatbread, serving of slow cooked lamb.
  3. Jar of gherkins**.

In short: Lots of variety and feel good factor eating.  Could I make it myself?  Yes.  Would I?  No, I couldn’t be bothered.  Would I want someone else to make it for me?  Yes but it would be easier to just go to UAE and eat there.  At $18 for a large-but-not-massive meat plate and $15 for a medium or takeaway it’s not exactly cheap, but it is pretty cheerful/good value for money.

*As pointed out by my close associate and all round food Confucius Barker, one should never trust a bain-marie without steam.  Despite the absence thereof *alert!* I was willing to forgive as it was more of a holding bay for salads and (limited) sweets.

**This I ate previously but any list needs a few ‘already completed’ inclusions, otherwise you’re it looks like you’re underachieving.

Want to eat somewhere else?  Go to Anada and order the tasting plate YOU ANIMAL.
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