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kitty c —  December 10, 2011 — Leave a comment

First time I went to Micawber Tavern (Belgrave) was about six years ago.  It was memorable mainly because we – myself, Carmen and Liz, but I going to say mainly Carmen – decided that one patron looked exactly like Michael Bolton.  ‘You look like Michael Bolton’ we said, about a thousand times before posing for photos, etc.  Thankfully, fake Michael was fairly amiable/accommodating; in fact, I imagine the experience was not dissimilar to meeting the real Michael.  (Blasphemy?  There goes my Michael Bolton fanbase).  

Anyway, suffice to say, I had high expectations when Carney and I went back last week.

And expectations were met and exceeded!  Micawber Tavern is the perfect pub – cosy winter inside and lush summer beer garden outside.  We opted for inside ambiance and sat ourselves down at an enormous novelty beer keg, beneath a collection of ceramic pint jugs.  Happy with that.

Food-wise, we’re talking standard pub fare – basic but good.  Carney’s parma litmus test is whether or not it’s been made from actual chicken breast, which it had (tick).  For my part, I ate an enormous  piece of barramundi.  It was so enormous I suffered from residual fullness most of the next day; others may consider stopping before reaching ‘stuffed sausage’ levels of discomfort.  Usual offering of chips & salad OR mash and vegetables sides; MT were happy to accommodate the ‘chips and vegetables’ variation, which is the best of both worlds, gospel according to me.  Good chips too, though the jury’s out on the tartare-served-in-a-shell.

Carney had an ‘old speckled hen’ (beer), good setting-sensitive choice.  Because I am a wiener I asked for sparkling wine, perhaps not their strong point.

All in all, defo worth a visit.
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