eating rawsagne, etc.: yong green food, fitzroy

kitty c —  October 13, 2011 — 1 Comment
When I asked my friend Geeta if she wanted to come eat raw food with me, she was all like: ‘For shiz – lets rip raw meat from the bone with our teeth’.  And I was all: ‘Nah, man –vegetarian-like’.  And she was like: ‘mmm… sounds lame’, and I was like: ‘whatever, just come watch meeat’.  And she did and it was awesome.  Not just because of my mad knife/fork skills, but because we went to Green Yong Food.

Green Yong Food, located in Melbourne’s inner north, is an herbivore’s delight.  The vegetarian, vegan-friendly menuincludes raw Mexican, Italian and Japanese-inspired dishes as well as cooked Korean fare.  Dispel any fear of carrot sticks because there’s an impressive gastro-sleight of hand at work; soy masquerades as beef, chicken and fish, and vegan cashew cheese, the standout of the zucchini-noodled ‘rawsagne’, tastes like it’s harvested from hand-milked grain-fed organic cows.  Top the savoury stuff off with raw, gluten free, vegan cheesecake and you will just wish you  had allergies.

Yong Green Food – 421 Brunswick St, Fitzroy 


Yong Green Food on Urbanspoon

kitty c


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