the usual: midori, blackburn

kitty c —  September 29, 2011 — 1 Comment

I am a chronic repeat orderer. If I had to pick what my last meal would be chances are I would have had it the day before.  Testament to this, there are a number of places in Melbourne where I have a ‘usual’ and when I get to the counter the staff member says ‘the usual?’ and I nod and try and look like someone who is open to trying new things (but not so much so they think I am a swinger). I even had a ‘usual’ in Thailand and we were only there two and bit weeks.

One such place is Mitcham Thai. This started well but has unfortunately continued through a change of ownership during which the quality of their pad krapow has deteriorated significantly. The new owners know me not because I frequent the place often, but because no one else does. It is disconcerting to be embraced as a regular if you only visit every couple of months (also you probably want to avoid the seafood).

My best usual, however, is Midori in Station St, Blackburn. It’s Japanese and from the outside looks like exactly the sort of place that should be avoided. I mean that too – they have some weird ventilation problem and if it is wet outside the windows fog up and it becomes quite humid and sauna-looking. I believe it has something to do with cooking rice.

This exterior, however, belies a veritable haven of delicious-ness within. The food is ah-maz-ing, rather like this picture of an enormous sushi roll. While obviously I can only really attest to one combination of dishes (a ½ serve of #50 and ½ serve of #37), I have witnessed others reactions and they are in agreement. The food is fantastic, fresh and other non-expletative superlatives starting with f. In the same way I like to be touched by yoga teachers, the experience is maximised if the quiet-but-genuis Chef Nagasaki brings out your meal. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up/worth making a cross town trek/they shut at 7pm on Thursdays and Fridays.


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