cheap and cheerful local haunts: pho hung, preston

kitty c —  July 8, 2011 — Leave a comment

It seems we were a little premature in celebrating the advent of the internet. Our fickle, fickle modem gave up the ghost halfway through the fourth episode of Downton Abbey which was just as devastating as it sounds; I don’t even know if Mrs Hughes accepted the farmers marriage proposal.  

Despite our proximity to the fine Maccas on Bell St, last night Carney and I ventured further afield heading to Pho Hung on High St (447) in Preston for some Vietnamese.

This place is always packed and even though we arrived in time for Wheel of Fortune last night was no exception. My recommendation for the excellent food at Pho Hung comes with two caveats. First, the service is poor and you will be lucky if your coke zero arrives. Second a word of warning: give the ‘function room’ – a wide berth. It’s a generous name for a small and poorly ventilated cave down the back of the restaurant, past the toilets. Think Thai smoking room crossed with a public sauna and then dilute your expectations tenfold. I don’t suspect anyone goes in there twice- we certainly weren’t the only ones happy to wait. Having said that, the place does EXCELLENT pho and bons. I highly recommend.

The other local goodie is Noodle Kingdom, also on High St. This place either makes their own noodles or employs a small army of people to stand in the window and make long strips of dough all day long. Order #24 or #96, whichever has the crispy chicken.

I sigh. There are definitely good things about not having an oven.
Kitty x

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