from the nose to the tail: josie bones, collingwood

kitty c —  June 16, 2011 — 2 Comments

Two sleeps til the big move. Eek! Must put things into other things for ease of transportation.

And in other news, last night Carney and I went to Josie Bones for dinner.

Josie Bones is the brainchild of Masterchef (season 1) contestants
Julia Jenkins and Chris Badenoch. Chris was variously known (by me) as the ‘guy with the hat’ and ‘the one that wanted to make a restaurant based on beer and weird cuts of meat’. Julia was the first contestant to beat a professional chef and went straight to the finals. And then the next season they changed that rule because it turned out it was a bit of a disadvantage not to go through all of the rounds of eliminations. Which is not so say I watched the entire season obsessively or anything, just that I remain well abreast of popular culture despite now having entered lower-middle age (i.e. am 30, egad).

Anyway, who did we encounter on arrival? One Julia Jenkins, who is lovely. Only I didn’t realise it was Julia Jenkins until Carney told me this morning. With the benefit of hindsight I did think it was odd he asked if she thought cooking foie grais and serving it with brandy would be a good idea – it is rather specific for small talk.

Dishes at Josie Bones include ‘crackling of the day’, rolled pigs head and chicken giblets. Giblets, interestingly, are not any one part of a chicken, rather an umbrella term for a multitude of sins all of which are dark and dangly. As with anything crumbed and deeped fried, they are actually quite tasty. I ordered some of the more conventional items (much to Carney’s irritation) but the grilled cuttlefish something-or-rather with tomatoes was, I declared ‘the dish of the evening’. And it was de ja vu with the corn and chirizo dressing salad, also proclaimed ‘dish of the evening’. Lest you think everything was the ‘dish of the evening’, the grilled lambs tongue (Carney’s pick) was simply ‘delicious-ness personified’ and ‘not at all like kissing a goat’. I only regret that we didn’t try the scotch egg as I love mince (as has been documented here).

The beer menu is erm, massive and they even employ a beer specialist to talk you through your selection. Possibly my only criticism – the beer man was nice, knowledgeable but honestly, we wanted to chat to each other and he was a bit ‘look at me/my beers’. This is particularly problematic for parties of two because you have to sit at the bar (which I also love, as documented).

No dessert for us but my rubber arm would have been twisted if they were still serving the bombe alaska I am told was amazing. Alas, this is not on the menu at the moment which is a pity, because I am dying for one of those bad boys. Bel if you are reading this, food for thought? Subtle?

Verdict: Four stars. Great date night – impress them with your penchant for offal. Which is impressive.

Kitty x

picture credits:
Josie Bones on Urbanspoon

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2 responses to from the nose to the tail: josie bones, collingwood


    Yup, that beer guru is far too self important. He should go and take some humility lessons from talented sommeliers and just recommend the appropriate bev. It's not a competition as to who can name the most beers in a minute.The problem with this place is substance, or lack thereof. I'm all for sharing, but why is there no conventional (read: substantial and filling) cut of meat to be found? Pigs head…but not a pigs head, just the meat removed and rolled into a 'sausage'. Hardly as masculine and gaulish as i'd hoped.And cracklings of the day…fine, but only if you can perfect pork crackling and alas, they fall short. Learn to crawl before you can walk.Just my two cents s'all.


    i must admit, the cracking was not the dish of the day. I expected it to be hot, fatty and well, crackling-y. It was more like the crackling you get in a chip-packet at a london pub. Ours was the fortnightly roast night so they had suckling pig on with duck fat chips on the menu for $35 clams. More substantial but on the whole, I agree, it's essentially tapas.

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