on hiatus

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Yellow, friends.

Times they are a changing.  I’m taking a hiatus from this blog for a little while so I can fry some other fish, stick my fingers in some other pies.  For the one person in the world that I haven’t told, I’ve been working on a novel for about two years now.  For most of that time it’s been fairly awful (really awful) but it’s starting to get better and that’s what I’m focusing in.

Incidentally I’m always looking for critical readers :)

See you in July!

Kitty xx

this is you.

This is you.

This competition update very nearly begun like every other competition update since I started my competition-a-day quest.


A paragraph about the superhuman, year long effort, an overview of competitions entered,  some wondering about how I can say ‘I just had a baby’ in 25 words or less in a way that appeals to the makers of swimsuits or baked beans, or crockpot companies.

Maybe even the purchase of a product promising entry into a holiday draw only to find said draw was already over.

And then.

Brother Liam and Now Sister in Law From Sweden Josephine got engaged and universe saw fit to celebrate.

Yes, the universe!

And the good folk at The Bridge Hotel, where

Drum roll…  


I didn’t have a ticket, I was too late for tickets, but I was there and it was everything I’d hoped it might be.

Hearts and fists pumped with victory!

There was a whole platter filled with kangaroo sausage and hunks of steak!  There were rissoles!  There was a perplexed Swedish person saying, ‘I don’t really understand the significance, can’t you just buy meat at a supermarket?’.

Buy meat at a supermarket!?!!

I’ll never buy meat again*!  I’ll exist solely on a diet of raffle tickets!  And air!!

*I’ll probably buy meat again.

recent reads

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Kindle had a 99c book sale.  99 cents!  So many books, so few dollars.

I got: Hell Bent: Obsession, Pain, and the Search for Something Like Transcendence in Competitive Yoga by Benjamin Lorr.  


I know, competitive yoga, what an anomaly.  But then, Bikram yoga is a strange beast. Continue Reading…

I’m doing a creative writing class at TAFE and I love it.  I love it so much I want to spoon it and have its babies.  The teacher is a Polish lady that writes poetry.  She has an accent and says mostly amusing things.

The unamusing things are her dreams.  She talked a lot about her dreams in class, which encouraged others to do the same.

Not dreams, as in “In the future I hope to…” but her sleep time-dreams.

Everyone knows that’s boring, right?


Continue Reading…


Everyone goes on about how hard it is to get childcare but I just figured I was a special case.  Turns out I’m not and it’s impossible.

Today a couple of the girls from Mothers Group and I checked out a place that’s Montessori-ish.  I don’t really know what that means but there was so much polished wood and things made out of wood and things that looked like leaves.  It was really, really nice.

There was even an Italian Nonna in the kitchen making food.  At the last place I went to see, which was run by the Council, the lady in the kitchen was in her pyjamas and had a shower cap on.  Kid you not.  Either she lived there or she just didn’t get dressed that day.

She said, ‘I’m still in my pyjamas,’ by way of explanation.

I felt like it didn’t really explain anything.

why you should study law

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Snuck into the Law building at Uni because the Arts building has roadworks (or something).  Oh my God, it’s positively palatial!


Leather seats!

Swivel chairs!


I washed my Decor fake-tupperware container in the sink and a student in a suit offered to buy me a burger.

Ok, that last bit’s a lie but this place is really nice.

Let me explain this picture to you so you can grasp the horror of it.

northland beauty parlour

This is one of the ‘Beauty Parlours’ at Northland.  It’s in the space out the front of K Mart.

No, not in K Mart.

Out the front of K Mart.  In the thoroughfare.  Nearby, some people from a local gym are giving out free 7 day passes.  Oxfam are guilt mongering others into buying goats and water pumps.

And then, if that wasn’t humiliating enough, there’s a TV with close up footage of what those ladies are having done.

You don’t have to marvel at the wonders of hair removal from a distance, you can watch each follicle as it’s plucked from its homeland.