what to do in this situation

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Yesterday when I said we ate too much on our anniversary weekend away (AKA ‘Best weekend ever’), I didn’t specify where.  Well, we went to Tomos Japanese in Inveloch, which is the same chef as Oche in Kew, which is fantabulous Japanese in Melbourne (you following?).

dying swan

I was THIS hungry.

The place is so good they could only fit us in at 8pm, so for two whole hours we lay on the bed moaning about how hungry we were and talking about all the things we were going to order.

Me:  I am so hungry .  I am hungrier than a dying swan at a ballet concert.

Carney:  No, I am so hungry.  I am hungrier than an elephant in a desert.

By the time we got there we went crazy overboard.  The teeny-tiny Japanese waitress tried to say maybe we were ordering too much but she was teeny tiny and we were starving elephants so we pressed on.

Anyway, the whole point of this was to say if you ever get the chance to eat black sesame panna cotta, grab it with both hands, friends.  Grab it with both hands.

Not the actual one


We packed the Mini off to her grandparents and hightailed it down to the coast for two days and one night of getting sunburnt, swimming and eating too much.



1.  Woke at 8:30am (i.e. late) to the sound of silence and lay in bed for an hour toying with the idea of getting up. 

2. When they heard it was our anniversary the motel we stayed at gave us two cupcakes that were cooked THAT day and a handwritten note.  The note said:  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MR AND MRS KUCHARSKI.  THESE CUPCAKES WERE BAKED TODAY.  If that isn’t sweet I don’t know what is.

3.  I bought seven books for twelve dollars AND haggled over one of these picnic sets at the op shop:



I offered $8 and they said I was lowballing them.  I just saw one on online for thirty-five pounds so they may have been right.

4.  Swimming.  I mean the water was freezing but you never regret getting in.  (Unless you get eaten by a shark or something, which would be very bad luck indeed).

On existing ailments

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Big fat fluffy pillows look delicious but they’re a pain the neck.  From now on I’m sleeping with a face washer folded in half under my head.   

My head was propped up so high last night I HAVE SORE TEETH. 


This is not me but I can sympathise.

What is a reasonable number of Cruskets to eat in one sitting?  By the square centimetre they’re quite large but by weight they’re nothing.  I feel like anything under ten is perfectly fine. 

Aldi (home of Crispettes, their version of Cruskets) opened at the shopping centre near us yesterday and every man and his dog was there getting cut price cans of tuna.  It was like being at a carnival in a refrigerated warehouse somewhere in East Germany.  They had food samples (I am a moth to that particular flame) and a guy in a faded red business suit and a top hat wandering about.  

I cannot think of a single occasion that would not be improved by the addition of a man in a red suit and a top hat.  Adds a touch of formality and PIZZAZ! at the same time, don’t you think?

You'll need to imagine the

(You’ll need to imagine the top hat)

the nutribullet

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I want to get a Nutribullet so bad.  Every time I go to the gym to mooch about on the treadmill they’re selling them on the TVs.  All those exclamation points on the subtitles are wearing me down (!!!). 


They’re amazing!  They fit in the palm of your hand and turn almonds into milk and kale into juice and crush ice like it’s water. 

AND if you order now you get a free stone pan.

AND it’s only $14.95 for a 15 day trial.

AND naked man holding giant pair of pants.  


Is it hot in here?

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I don’t normally make people suffer through the boredom that is recounting one’s dreams but last night I dreamt I did it with Napoleon Dynamite’s brother.  


He was an attentive lover.

first world problems #127

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I have been googling Birkenstocks.  I feel that ergonomic footwear is the future and it’s Birkenstocks, those massaging sandals or Homey Peds (there is nothing wrong with Homey Peds).  The biggest decision is material and colour.  Can’t decide between black and steel and blue and leather or nubuck.

Look!  The Olsen twins are in birkis.  (Maybe when I get mine people will think it’s the Olsen TRIPLETS?):

olsen birks